books and boredom

Continuing from my previous post here is a review of 5 other books I read during the covid19 lockdown.

1. 7 Breakthrough Habits

Author: Nelson Tjiunardi

deep work

  • A book written by a businessman / ambassador of God in earth who is also my mentor. It’s his first book.
  • The book draws out a plan for a nominal christian to cultivate habits and grow into an effective one.
  • The topic of eternity is discussed extensively with simple examples which helped me visualize how it’s all going to turn out in the end.
  • I incorporated a few habits from this book.
  • The book could’ve been trimmed.
My Rating:

2. Judith: Martyred Missionary of Russia

Author: N. I. Saloff-Astakhoff


  • A very old book (1941).
  • A biography of a young jewish girl who lived in Russia during the world war I. Biographies about missionary workers always amaze me.
  • The book details the life endured by a girl who was made an apostate and sent to the wilderness by her parents, siblings, community and lover because she chose Christ.
  • The books ends with a spine chilling chapter on how the missionary was murdered on a cold day in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution.
  • It’s read that I couldn’t get off my chest for a while.
My Rating:

3. The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

problem of pain

  • A book everyone should read at least one in their lifetime.
  • A life philosophy written with at most simplicity.
  • The author does the perfect recipe with life ingredients such as love, gold, dreams, nature, religion , soul and made the best dish ever.
  • I don’t have words that can help write a review for this masterpiece. Read it for yourself and tell me.
  • Unputdownable
My Rating:

4. Pride & Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen

clean coder

  • Jane Austen first took me to 19th century high society England and then narrated me tale about two individuals who overcame their pride and prejudice to fall in love.
  • The characters are well written. The author writes unspoken words in a relationship with elegance and ease.
  • A romance penned to perfection. I can say with confidence that no other novel could potray romance better than this.
My Rating:

5. Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to learn faster

Author: Kevin Horsley


  • An easy read
  • Philosophy and some ideas on how to memorize anything fast and retain them longer.
  • The author is a grandmaster and world memory champion
  • Nothing fancy. Just the usual self help book.
My Rating: